Narconon Hawaii

Narconon Hawaii is successful with drug and alcohol treatment

Narconon Hawaii knows about addiction and how to help someone overcome it. Alcohol and drug addiction is something no family ever wants to live through. As tough as it is for the addict, it can be just as tough for the other members of the family.

Here at Narconon Hawaii, we hear stories of how drugs and drug addiction destroys lives and tears families apart every day.  And we truly understand their pain, because every one of our staff here at Narconon Hawaii has been there – we’re all graduates of the program.

Why Narconon Hawaii is Different

Narconon takes complete responsibility for the products we produce. Most drug and alcohol rehab programs have a 20 – 25% success rate. The Narconon Hawaii program has an unprecedented success rate of 76%, which has been documented by independent studies. And if a Narconon graduate does run into difficulties within six months, we’ll re-admit at a reduced rate or no cost depending on the circumstances.

Narconon does drug rehab differently. At Narconon – our program is completely drug-free.  We don’t believe in substituting one drug for another.

And just coming off the drugs is not enough.  Drug residues get trapped in the fatty tissue of the body and unless you flush these residues out of the body an addict will continue to experience cravings.  That makes it much harder to stay clean.

Narconon Hawaii is the key to Addiction Recovery

The Narconon program also addresses the reasons why the person took the drugs or became addicted to alcohol in the first place. Unless this is handled, it’s likely they will go back to the drugs. A life skills learning program helps them get back on their feet and tackle any underlying issues that could lead them back into alcohol or drug addiction.

If you’re struggling with the effects of alcohol or drug addiction, call a Narconon counselor today and let us help you.

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